1100HP Top Drive Oil Rig that’s Custom Built

1100HP (14,000’) TOP DRIVE RIG CUSTOM BUILT (Ref#10105R)

Custom built, late model, 4G certified, designed with small footprint, rapid mobilization – from arrival of first load at location to commencement of drilling is less than two days. 65’ x 40’ drill footprint, low hours, like new condition. Inspect 400 miles from JFK Airport.

Rig Power: 1100 HP (2) 515hp Cat C15 engines

Derrick: 98’ x 8’ x 7’ x 500,000# mast, 480,000# holdback capacity, 80,000# pulldown, Racking board capacity 11,880’ of 4-1/2” doubles (folds for transport)

Top Head Drive: 35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque, 4” Kelly Line, (2) winches 17k and 6k, lay down line, hydraulic bail extension/retraction, mounted backup clamp and guide bell work platform for maintenance, computer controlled lighting system

Substructure: 16’H substructure hydraulic leveling, self-supporting (no guide wires) mechanical outriggers

Catwalk: 42’ x 8’ x 42” with walkway

Control System: Full computer based control system, capable of accurately controlling bit weight, ROP, rotary speed, rotary torque, auxiliary functions, fault management, touch screen interface, remote monitoring via internet, self reporting diagnostics, automatic mitigation of fault conditions with minimal loss of functionality, full WITS communication

Mud System: 600 kw generator set, mud pits (like new), 62’ x 11’6” x 7 – 500 bbl mud shaker tank with 3 partitions, (2) 5 x 6 centrifugal pumps w/75hp electric motors, 800 bbl mud system

BOP Stack: Double ram 11” x 5,000# psi, annular 11” x 5000#, Koomey Type 80 6-station 210 gallon accumulator, Washington 1500 psi 16” rotating head, 5,000 psi choke manifold 4-1/16” x 2” and (2) 2-1/16” adjustable chokes, 10” flanged flow line and 4” flare line gas separator

Support equipment: 7000# jib crane, winch boom, rotate quick change hydraulic power slips, adjustable height tong pulling system w/torque limiting, Varco SSW30 and 13-3/4” D & D power tongs, 4 kw rig lighting system

Price: $6,000,000


  • Buyer can inspect under power and talk to design engineer
  • Rig will be loaded on trucks with assistance available to transport, reassemble, and set up at location
Please Call 1-844-GET-OPPS (1-844-438-6777) for Further Details.

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