About Oil Leases & Rigs

Leaders in Successful Acquisition and Marketing of Oil and Gas Leases

Oil Rig in Wheat Field

Oil Leases & Rigs is an aggressive oil and natural gas prospect marketing organization with thousands of contacts located in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. We market oil and gas lease prospects generated from experienced landsmen, geologists, and engineers.

Who is our clientele?

We work with small, medium, and large oil and gas companies looking for oil and gas producing properties and drilling acreage. Some oil and gas leases have wells for rework or secondary recovery. Some have offset locations for drilling next to wells, producing as much as 300 barrels of oil per day or more. Many of our listings can be seen by clicking here for drilling leases or here for producing leases. Furthermore, we have additional opportunities that some sellers prefer not to make public.

Do you own an oil or gas lease you want sell?

Choosing a market leader will ensure success in finding the perfect opportunity that fits your criteria. Additionally, if you are thinking about selling leases you already own, choosing Oil Leases & Rigs will ensure your leases sell quickly and efficiently. Our multifaceted marketing strategies and proprietary techniques make us the best choice for marketing for your oil and gas leases. We are confident that with our extensive database of buyers that we can make it happen.

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