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Lease #JVOK01 – 26 Producing Wells in Oklahoma

1000+ acres producing 30+BOPD with 100% WI 87.50% NRI 30+ producing wells 30+ for rework wells

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Lease #JVTX01 – Joint Venture Texas 200 BOPD

joint Venture Texas 200 BOPD more wells for rework and new drilling potential.

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Lease #JVLA01 – 1300 acres in Southeast Louisiana

1300 acres in Southeast Louisiana. There are 4 well bores that were drilled in the early 50’s. Production all around the area. Open to buyout or a joint venture.

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Lease #JVTX04 – 8 BOPD with potential 16 BOPD

This lease is producing 8 barrels per day. A few low cost reworks can bring this lease up to 16 barrels per day or more. The oil is at 500 ft. New drills are consistently successful at a very low cost to drill. (Less than the cost of a good used pickup truck) A preferred […]

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Lease #JVKY01- 250 acres more or less

250 Acres more or less, 87.5% NRI, 20 (+) Wells in the Coniferous Sand For Rework (Cost for rework breakdown available), 1 Saltwater Disposal Well, approximately 10 wells with Pumping Units, depths range between 500–650+ feet total, estimated production should range between 1 and a half to 4 BOPD per well.

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Lease #PTX10 – $1 million sales price, 10 wells

$1 million sales price, 10 wells total with 9 producing and 1 injection, Producing from 500′ average production for 2013 17 bbl oil per day. 70% preferred payback.

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Lease #JVTX02 – Joint Venture 15BOPD

Joint Venture opportunity to double your money. 15BOPD with rework could be 30 BOPD at only 500′ depth 75% NRI

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