Saltwater Disposal Wells in the United States

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Salt Water Disposal Wells

Welcome to Oil Leases & Rigs! In recent years there has been significant growth in the field of oilfield wastewater recovery and disposal. In effort to meet the rising demand for such services, Oil Leases & Rigs is providing information of active wells in the United States. Due to the limited amount of state-permitted disposal wells in this sector of the oil and natural gas industry, there is a strong barrier for new firms to enter; however, with the rising demand for disposal and recovery services, it is likely we’ll see more companies offering this service. A typical saltwater disposal facility consists of one or more mile-long wells that are encased in steel, plus a second, deeper well that is cemented into the disposal reservoir. When the well head, pumps, and pressure tanks are installed, the well will function for approximately 15 years, until it holds its fill of oilfield wastewater. If you’d like to learn more about investing in a saltwater disposal well, please select from the options below to learn more or click here to speak with a representative today.

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