Lease #DOH02 – totalling 500 acres in Wood County

Lease #DOH02 – 3 separate leases totalling 500 acres in Wood County. This letter will focus on one lease in particular, which is a 200 acre lease that has already had a preliminary “Enhanced Georadiometric Survey” showing an estimate of approximately 2.9 mbbl of total reserves, with a estimated recoverable total between 859,000 and 1.3 mbbl, the imaging company boasts a 85% success rate of their findings. Also we have started to validate their success rate in Wood County, OH by drilling and completing the first producing wells in Wood County Ohio since 1965. 100% WI with a 82.5% NRI. Even with this small window into the potential of the play, we did see production rates of 12 – 25 bbl/day per well , and we have successfully identified, drilled, and completed a well in an ideal formation for a Class II SWIW, which is likely necessary due to the “water drive” properties of the target production formation, the Trenton limestone (app. 1300’). The shallow nature of this production zone results in relatively inexpensive production wells and an equally inexpensive overall investment. Drilling and completing a production well here in Wood County can be done for as little as $125k ea. With total costs ( roads, permanent power, flow-lines, and tank battery, etc.) for app. $250k per well.

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