Oil & Gas Property Leases in the United States

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U.S. Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Wells:
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U.S. Oil & Natural Gas Producing Wells:
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U.S. Oil & Gas Leasing Details

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Landman at Oil Rig Site

Most of our clientele understands the mechanics of a an oil or gas lease. If you are new to this industry, this brief description should provide general information on the basics of purchasing a gas or oil lease. The gas and oil listings linked to from this page are for property leases.

What is an oil lease?

An oil lease is essentially an agreement between parties to allow a lessee (the oil and gas company and their production crew) to have access to the property and minerals (oil and natural gas) on the property of the lessor. The lease agreement is a legal contract of terms. It contains certain elements, which confirm all the terms of the agreement.

What is a landman?

Oil Leases & Rigs is an oil and gas lease broker with access to the best independent landman for each geographical area. Our landmen work with many operators and companies in multiple geographical areas in which each landman is very familiar and has expertise. The landman’s knowledge of the area puts them miles ahead of other production companies and their in-house landman, who are looking for land that is adjacent to in the same geological structures. When oil and gas has been located and produced in these areas, there are excellent prospects for achieving good production in the adjacent areas. The independent landman represents mineral owners to oil and gas companies. When brokering an oil lease sale, the landowner becomes a valued client to the landman.