Lease #JVCA01 – Joint Venture

Lease # JVCA01 – Joint Venture: This field is in the most prolific area in the U.S. for drilling. There are 4 wells producing 170 plus BOPD. More wells for rework. Excellent infield drilling FOR EVEN DEEPER RENOWNED FORMATION with superb reserves with studies which show a very compelling payback. This is offered to companies with funds ready to pull the trigger that will be agreeable to an arrangement where ownership is 50-50 with 70% paid to the investor until investor payback. We have 80% of the financing available with the advent of a 20% equity contribution. Said 20% equity contribution will be secured. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT THIS OPPORTUNITY AS IT WILL GO FAST DUE TO THE AREA THIS IS LOCATED AND THE WAY THIS DEAL IS STRUCTURED. MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW PROOF OF FUNDS OR PROVIDE A BANK REFERENCE. VERY EXPERIENCED OPERATOR WHO IS ALSO A PETROLEUM ENGINEERING CONSULTANT AVAILABLE IF NEEDED OR REQUIRED. MAY CONSIDER QUALIFIED OPERATOR/INVESTOR AS WELL

Please Call 1-844-GET-OPPS (1-844-438-6777) for Further Details.