TSM-7000 DRILL RIG (Ref#5504R)

10,000’ depth, manufactured 2003, TSM 7000 drawworks with brake, Cat 3406E drawworks engine, TSM 5000 right angle drive, hydraulic cathead, hydraulic winches, Lantec hydraulic wireline unit, driller’s console, drilling instrumentation. Mastco teledouble hydraulically raised mast, 320,000# w/8 lines, Mastco crown block, monkey board. Mastco step down substructure with hydraulic power unit, hydraulic catwalk, BJ Varco hook, National N47 swivel, McKissick 250 ton travelling block, NOV Iron rough ST-20, BOMCO ZP-175 rotary table, Iron roughtneck NOV ST, Oil Country power tongs, Teda power tongs XYQ12A, Hawk Spinmaster pipe spinner.

Engines generator: AC engine Cat 3406C AC generator Cat SR4. AC engine Cat 3406C AC genrator Cat LC6. 3-1/8” x 1000# Manifold, BOMCO F800 triplex mud pump with Cat 3412E diesel engine, pulsation dampener and relief valve. Mission Magnum charge pump. BOMCO F800 triplex mud pump. (3) mud tank system, shaker tank, 3 mud agitators and motor, mud mixing pump, mixer/suction tank, 3 mud agitators and motors, Siemens mud mixing pump, shaker tank, trip tank pump, reserve tank, Brandt vibrating screen, mid mixing hopper, (2) shale shakers and motors.

Rig camp – 3 camp generators, Cat AC SR4 camp generator 60 hz, Cat 3304. Engine generator Cat 3406, engine generator Cat LC6, engine generator Cat 3412, camp generator 50 hz Perkins 1300 Series, camp generator Olympain.

Drill pipe: 314 jts of 4” NC full hole, OD 5-1/4”, 51 jts drill collars 4-3/4” spiral, 10 jts Hevi weight drill pipe 4”, 10 jts drill collars 6-/2” spiral, 2 jts drill collars 6-1/2”, 4 bit breakers, 8 pipe racks, 7 elevators, tool pusher trailer, container including shaker screens, cellar pumps. Contained including mud pump parts, valves, hoses, ram sets.

Shaffer 11” x 5,000# BOP spherical. Shaffer double gate BOP 11” x 5000#, (12) BOP pipe blocks, BOP closing unit, 16 accumulator bottles, fuel tank.

Stacked 9 months, located USA

Price: $1,750,000

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